synthetic urine for drug test

What is the best way to pass a urine drug test

There are three different ways to pass a urine test (if we do not count natural detoxification), these are:

  • Synthetic urine
  • Detox drinks for drug test
  • Detox pills

Synthetic urine is the best and easiest way to pass an unsupervised urine test, I always recommend this option to everyone, seriosuly, if you choosed the best synthetic urine brand and you did heat it up the the right temperature then, there is no way to fail your test, its easy and relatively cheap (40-75$). For a detailed review of the best synthetic urine brands, read on.

Detox drinks for drug test

This is also a popular option, these detox drinks mask THC and other drug metabolites in your system for a couple of hours so you can give clean urine sample. Its important to pee at least 3 times before the test, otherwise toxins remain in your pee and you will get caught. The best drug detox drinks are:

Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice and Mega Clean from detoxify. Both are high quality stuff and they never failed me. They also have excellent reputation, take a look at some detox drink reviews online, but again, for an unsupervised test, synthetic urine is still my number 1 choice.

synthetic urine vs detox drinks

Detox pills for drug test

There are many different Detox pills for drug test what you can use, some of them have very mixed reviews, here are two completely diffferent review of Toxin Rid detox pills:

„This is the most ridiculous review ever. Your write a review and promote other products. This is a complete bullshit  marketing ploy review. I am sure that you gave this to a friend of yours to test.. NOT. LIE… I am looking for products that do work to pass, not looking to be mislead and sold other shit products like toxin rid.

They have thousands of negative reviews. I will never trust you guys. You are a joke. Its obvious. You are in in for the money promoting other products. The only thing this review does is make me want to buy Ultra THC detox.”

„Super helpful! Thank you for being the guinea pig. I always hesitate to use synthetic urine simply because I feel like it’s so much easier to have an accident with the equipment – any pointers on how to use it with confidence?”

In my opinion, Toxin Rid does work, I have used it twice and passed the test both times, but if the testis not supervised and getting clean is not important for you, then I suggest you to use synthetic urine for drug test, much easier and much much safer way than any other detox product.

The only way to fail if someone open the door and catch you while you are puring synthetic urine into the testing cup…OR if the urine is not on the right temperature.

How to Keep synthetic urine warm for drug test

The easiest way is busing sub solution synthetic urine, because it comes with heat activating powder, its very easy to use, just open the vial add 1/3 of the powder to your synthetic urine sample, shake it and it will bring it to the right temperature.

Sub Solution has built in thermometer so you can see when its reached the desired 94-98C. Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine on the market, but quick Fix 6.1 is also a great option, however it doesn’t come with heat activating powder, you will have to heat it up to the right temperature in microwave, then wrap it with heating pads and it will keep it on the right temp in the next few hours.

Best Synthetic urine

What are the top 3 best synthetic urine brand

Sub Solution

As I mentioned eralier, the best synthetic urine called Sub Solution. It has all the essential chemicals, perfectly balanced PH and gravity. But what makes it the best for me is the heat activating powder, it makes heating so much easier than messing with microwave. Even if its a Labcorp or Quest diagnostics lab test you will pass it 100%.

Quick Fix 6.1 Synthetic urine

Quick Fix is also a great synthetic urine, it contains lots of chemicals, and it comes with urea and uric acid. Its not as complex as Sub Solution and doesn’t come with heat activating powder, but its still a good choice. What makes it also a good option that its available in most heat shops, so you can buy it anytime, no need t wait for shipping.

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine

Monkey whozz is a relavitely new synthetic urine, it comes with urea and uric acid as its a must in 2017, but it doesn’t contain as much chemicals as sub solution. It also contains biocide which isnt too lucky, but still its a good synthetic urine and its also available in many shops. Monkey Whizz is not the best synthetic urine, but if Sub Solution and Quick Fix are not available, then its the way to go.

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detox drinks for drug test

There are many detox drinks for drug test available recently, some of them are good and some are crap. I highly recommend to do some research before buying any detox product. If you look around on amazon you will find tons of very cheap cleansing drinks, but they have very mixed results. Two or three star ratings means it worked for 50% of the buyers the other 50% failed their drug test.

Detox Drinks For Drug Test You Should Avoid

Like I said ebay, amazon, Walmart and other online stores are all selling these low quality marijuana detox drinks, most of them are just flavoured water with some added artifical color.

If you are serious about passing your urine or blood drug test then you should completely avoid the following detox drinks:

  1. Stinger detox
  2. Magnum Detox instant Flush
  3. High Voltage Detox Drink
  4. Test Pass Platinum
  5. Ultra Mask detox drink
  6. Rapid clean Detox
  7. Zydot Euro Blend

What Are The Highest Quality Marijuana Detox Drinks?

In my opinion the best marijuana detox drinks are usually not available in regular stores, especially not in big stores like Walmart, Walgreens or GNC. You need to order these detox drinks from special drug detox product vendors. There are many specialist webshop like that.

The best drinks are:

Rescue Cleanse 32 (not available in stores at all)

Mega Clean Detox (Available in stores, but its recommended to order it with pre cleanse capsules to enchane the effectivenes of the detox drink)

Absolute Detox (not available in regular smoke shops and big stores)

Qcarbo 32 (available in many stores, its one of the most popular detox drink, but its recommended to buy it with pre cleanse pills).

best drug detox drink

Qcarbo32 review :

I used it for a ten panel drug test and passed i am making 15.50 now i am 5’9 220 i smoke an quater in a week i stopped smoking for 5 days i drank a gallon of water and 1000 mg of niacin a day eat light worked out the day of i drank the qcarbo32 2 hours before it took like 15 mins to drink drank about a gallon of water pissed like crazy the piss before my test was like mountain dew i go take my test used mid stream, I also took Herbal Pre cleanse tabletts for about 5 days, it really helped me to flush THC out of my system. She said i passed.

Qcarbo 32 is usually sold alone with any pre cleanse solution, I highly recommended to buy the Qcarbo& herbal Pre cleanse combo as its much more effective than Qcarbo Alone. Its available on testnegative for as low as 50 bucks. I think its a steal for the money.

For more reviews check these detox drink reviews. This blog seems like a good source of information. Remember,always do your own research before buying anything, even if some comment say the product works, read more and more, as much as you can. There are so amny paid detox product reviews online.

If some reviews sound too good to be true then they are probably fake or paid advertisements.

If for some reasons you don’t trust detox drinks, then you can also try synthetic urine for unsupervised urine drug test or marijuana detox pills, both option work, but I personally think drug detox drinks are the safest way to pass a drug test in 2018.

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kids marijuana and alcohol

According to the press release sent out by, the new release of a game called “Denial” helps to educate children ages 8 – 14 against tobacco, alcohol and marijuana.

The creator of the game Denial, Barry Keane, stated in the press release that “Denial can protect a large portion of the next generation, our children, by simply providing education on prevention awareness of tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. Let us not cripple another generation.”

The game Denial offers two sets of cards, either “Choices” or “Consequences”. Once a child picks which one they want, questions such as “Is it more important to be popular or keep your values?” or “You are at a dance and a good looking member of the opposite sex comes up to you and offers you a joint. What do you do?”.

These kind of questions give the child the opportunity to think about the situation and answer it the way they feel they would react if ever in a similar situation.

Many parents these days find it difficult these days to sit down and talk to their children regarding subject such as these. With this game, it helps those parents who do not know how to start a conversation regarding drugs or even sex with their children, start the conversation with much less tension.

Denial also lets you educate your children inside of your home where many children feel more comfortable.

Unfortunately in today’s day and age, children have more peer pressure to try new things more than ever. Many are faced with the choice of taking drugs or drinking alcohol to become more popular. The game Denial gets them ready for these kind of situations, and educates them on the right thing to do.

Denial has been approved by two of the largest school boards in Ontario and is said to keep the attention of the child or children playing it with its friendly board game format. The game is currently only available in English, but will soon be available in French as well as Spanish.

The game is a small price of 34.95, and is available for purchase at You can also try the game out on a web version.

A testimonial taken from by Jeannette Labelle states ” If Denial saves even one child from the misery and desperation of a life dependent on drugs and alcohol, it will have been worth it. Hopefully, it will save many, many more.” Nothing more needs to be said.

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cartman weed

What is “medicinal fried chicken”? South Park looks like it will serve up yet another hilarious social commentary in the upcoming episode ‘Medicinal Fried Chicken’, in which a medical marijuana dispensary will open up in the former location of Cartman’s beloved KFC. And it looks like South Park is spot-on with their timing as always, thanks to a few recent news stories about marijuana and fast food.
Of course this episode comes on the heels of news that Californians, who live in one of the states where medical marijuana is already legal, will get to vote on legalizing marijuana for use by everyone (well, everyone 21 years old and over).

Colorado, where South Park is set, is another of the 14 states in the U.S. where medical marijuana is legal, but drug testing is still federal law so people still need to use tricks to pass a urine drug test.

So will the new South Park episode ‘Medicinal Fried Chicken’ have an underlying message about the legalization of marijuana?

According to the episode description, when Stan’s dad Randy learns about the store that supplies medical marijuana, he does everything within his power to get a prescription card to be able to obtain it (which will likely lead to some hilarious faked illnesses). But while he plots to get some pot, Cartman has other plans: figuring out how to get his beloved fried chicken back.

legalizing weed

So it looks like South Park could be trying to make us look at this scenario and ask: which of the two evils is worse: artery-clogging fatty food or marijuana (which does sometimes have a tendency to make you crave artery-clogging fatty food)? Interestingly, ‘Medicinal Fried Chicken’ will air just days after a study that compares fatty foods to cocaine was released.

The study reveals that junk food, like cocaine, overloads the pleasure center in the brain and causing it to “crash”, with the result being the need to eat more and more junk food, the same way cocaine addicts must do more and more of the drug, to achieve the same pleasure.

So is South Park trying to show how fried chicken and marijuana are both highly-addictive substances that cause abusers to do crazy things, or are they out to prove that fried chicken is worse for your health than marijuana (which the addictive properties of are hotly debated?).

I have a feeling that the latter would be better than the former, because if South Park bashed this beloved plant, there would be a lot of viewers none too happy about it.

But in the end, I think ‘Medicinal Fried Chicken’ will have one of those “I learned something today” moments where it all comes together: just like the sex addiction episode about Tiger Woods taught us: we just all need to exercise self-control.

Whether our drug of choice is a joint or a chicken leg, too much of anything usually is a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy guilty pleasures like marijuana, fried chicken, and South Park in moderation.

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We’ve all seen them. The commercials on T.V. about marijuana, the ones sponsored by the Ad-Council. They always show kids burning certificates, guitars, cars, or a young man spinning a cocoon of marijuana and breaking out as an old man who still lives with their parents. While I have no issue what so ever with an attempt to keep an illegal drug out of the hands of this country’s youth, these commercials are flawed. In fact, the Ad-Council’s obsession with trying to keep teens away from weed is flawed.

marijuana plantation

I openly admit that I smoked weed when I was in high school. I no longer smoke, and have not for over a year. Contrary to what the Ad-Council is portraying, I was a leader in my high school marching band, I received a number of awards from playing both solos and in ensembles, I am a black belt with the American Taekwondo Association, I am a member of Eta Sigma Delta, a national honors society for those in the hospitality profession, and I am working towards a bachelors in Criminal Justice.

Many of the things I have achieved, the awards that I have been given, were during the time that I regularly smoked weed. I know many other people who are leading very successful lives who still do smoke weed on a regular basis.

But this isn’t even my largest complaint. The main issue I have is the commercials that make it seem that not only will weed destroy your life, as I just disproved, but that you will die if you smoke weed. I know more people who have been injured or died from drinking than the number of stories I have ever heard of people getting injured or dying from smoking weed. In fact, I know of no one, either directly or through any of my friends, who has been injured or died while under the influence or marijuana. Alcohol is a much more rampant and destructive drug among teens than weed.

I believe the Ad-Council has their sights set on the wrong drug. Yes, marijuana is illegal, and no, teens should not be smoking it. But I have seen and heard of so many injuries and deaths that were Alcohol related. I believe that it would be more worthwhile for the Ad-Council to launch an attack on teen drinking, because I believe that it is a much greater threat to the well being of this country’s youth.

Alcohol, when consumed in large amounts, destroys the liver, directly. While intoxicated, Alcohol reduces motor functions, speech functions, general brain functions. But, the reduction of motor functions is very dangerous. If i had, for instance, gotten intoxicated and been in a car wreck, damaging my legs, I would not have a black belt, or have been a leader in the marching band. Of course, that’s assuming I wasn’t just outright killed.

So, agree with me, disagree with me, I don’t really care. I just think that the Ad-Council is wasting money on an ad campaign that is targeting a drug that is in no way the most dangerous to todays teens. Also drug testing should be stoped, as we consider it illegal and invaiding our privacy.

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Many adults these days happily use the marijuana for recreational purpose. On the other hand, they are unable to totally enjoy marijuana due to health problems and drug test. If they think about how to detox from THC within a short time, then they can directly explore the best in class nature of detoxification methods suggested by specialists.

The frequency of consumption of marijuana is one of the most important factors to consider when you wish to determine how much THC is in your system and make an informed decision for detoxifying without any negative side effect.

Experts in detoxification of marijuana nowadays consider the frequency of consumption of this drug, total body fat, metabolism, overall health and reasons to consume this drug. They prefer and recommend the natural detox program instead of harmful detox pills. Healthy individuals can get rid of toxins from their body within 4 to 6 weeks when they follow a good diet, do exercises and drink enough water.

You may be one among people who are on a tight time frame and seek the detoxification. You can focus on the latest and unbiased reviews of the most successful detoxification products as comprehensive as possible. You will save both time and money while fulfilling your requirements on the detoxification.

Many people do exercises 24 hours before their test. They have to avoid such exercises when they like to avoid a positive result. This is because exercises break down fat cells and fat cells release THC metabolites into your system. This is advisable to avoid the consumption of marijuana when you seek a simple method to detoxify your body. A proper exercise on a regular basis is very helpful to adults who expect detoxification from marijuana. This is worthwhile to avoid red meat and bad food items on the whole.

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